Citizen Aspire 

Citizen Aspire for SDGs (Citizen Aspire) is a non-profit and non-partisan member-based organization dedicated for contributing to sustainable development through the education and conscientization of citizens. It is founded by Ethiopians living in Norway and aspires to member devoted Ethiopians and Ethiopian friends residing in Norway and worldwide. Citizen Aspire envisions to become a premier civic organization dedicated for the significant cultivation of informed and active citizenry for sustainable development. To ensure sustainable development and inclusive participation, Citizen Aspire will, step-by-step, engage the youth and the educated at home and in the Diaspora, the peasantry, and institutions in Ethiopia. The knowledge and understandings, skills, values, and behaviours needed to promote a peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia will be cultivated.

Headquartered and legally registered in Oslo Norway, Citizen Aspire comprises a General Assembly, Audit and Inspection, seven members of the Executive Committee (the management team), and its members. Citizen Aspire is open to Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia living in Norway and other countries who are willing and able to substantially contribute to the sustained empowerment of citizens.

Citizen Aspire is guided by the following values:

  • Passion to serve Ethiopia regardless of emerging conditions
  • Inclusivity, diversity in service delivery
  • Equality between and among citizens and groups
  • Transparency and accountability at all levels
  • Integrity and excellence