What we do ?

Citizen Aspire is dedicated to promoting the knowledge, understandings, skills, values and behaviours of citizens for contributing to sustainable development. Spaces and opportunities for the education and conscientization (critical consciousness) of the citizenry will be arranged. Consulting, advising, teaching, training, research, advocacy, and activism are the major activities for accomplishing its vision. 

The final goal is to ensure active and effective citizenship, which includes all the traits and competencies that define a complete human being. Manifestations of active and effective citizenship include the following.

  • The ability to value and responsibly enjoy economic and political freedom
  • The ability to recognize and accept the diversity of individuals, ethnic and religious groups, genders, and cultures, as well as unity. Diversity with unity
  • The ability to communicate, share and co-operate with others, groups
  • Non-violent conflict resolution strategies
  • The ability to make informed decisions in personal and community life
  • Appreciation for and protection of the environment/ sustainability
  • Active membership to groups/committees/parties/associations/organizations dedicated for (inclusive) development
  • Responsibility for the well-being of oneself, one’s family, and the community
  • Capacity and skill to engage in the political processes, including active participation in elections (as voters and candidates), assuming political positions
  • Capacity and courage to hold those in power accountable and transparent
  • The capacity and courage to ‘fight’ injustice and discrimination of all types
  • Awareness and practice of individual and common responsibility
  • Commitment to serve Ethiopia beyond what is required to meet job obligations